Cyber Wars is a strategic 2- to 4-player game where players take turns trying to hack into the opponent's base. A tutorial on how to play should be coming soon!
Check out the new Cyber Wars trailers!

Cramped is a puzzle platformer where the main goal is to get back to your igloo. However, you can't play until you build the level. Once you fit all the pieces onto the screen, you can play through and make it to the igloo.

Tempus is a game made for a mini Ludum Dare competition with the theme: The Future is Now. In it, you control time, and can into the future or past to beat levels.

Under-Life of a Frog, is a game made (again) for a Ludum Dare competition. It was the first game made by WiErD0 Games with Java, and more of an experiment than anything else. It features random, infinite terrain generation, huge collision boxes, and a whole lot of useless code. Enjoy!

When I was enrolled in an AP stats class, I looked at Pascal's Triangle and thought that if you drew the heights of each number in a row, the shape might converge to another special shape. Have you taken any statistics classes? If you have and want to see it convergy for yourself, check it out!